The Benefits of Avocados and Avocado Oil

Perhaps it is the lingering Southern California girl and full-blown foodie in me, but I am admittedly obsessed with avocados. Before I found out avocados gave me the same symptoms as eating dairy, I could easily eat a half of avocado sprinkled with chipotle pepper as a healthy snack. But since that discovery I have switched my obsession over to soap making. In fact, the majority of the soaps we make at The Body Buffet have avocados and/or avocado oil! Before you start thinking of making homemade guacamole and tacos, let's discuss what great benefits avocados have that make for awesome soap creations.

1. Oleic Acid
Don't go running for the hills. Just because an ingredient has "acid" in it's name, doesn't rule it out as skin-loving and safe. Oils high in oleic acid include olive oil, safflower oil, and yes, you've guessed it avocado oil. This is what makes avocado oil awesome for dry skin: the oleic acid is said to seal in moisture. This is why our whipped butter is recommended for dry skin, especially in the winter. The avocado oil helps lock in moisture. While it's often recommended for dry skin, I have personally found it great for combination and oily skin when balanced out with a non-pore clogging oil like shea butter as we do in our avocado facial bars (you won't have to smear avocado all over your face!).

2. Contains Vitamin E
Like many of our other ingredients, avocados contain the natural antioxidant vitamin E. Vitamin E is said to help protect skin cells. Vitamin E that is found naturally is said to have a higher potency than than it's synthetic counterpart. Antioxidants are said to help with aging skin. Vitamin E is also said to  fight excessive dryness and is therefore great for dry skin.

3. Soothes Skin
All of the nutrients and creaminess of avocados are said to soothe skin, making it great for inflammation, irritation, and overly dry skin.

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