Store-bought vs Handmade Soap - What is so special about handmade soap?



Besides the more decorative looks. alluring smells, and eclectic packaging, what makes handmade soap different from store-bought?

It's handmade

You're probably thinking "Well thank you captain obvious," but let me translate what "handmade" means for the soaping world: Most great soap makers develop their own recipes. There is a plethora of combinations available with each oil, butter, fat, herb, scent, etc giving each bar its own distinct qualities. Many things are taken into consideration, especially for specialty bars like facial bars and shampoo bars. Different parts of the body need different grades of cleaning quality and conditioning quality.

In addition soap making can be dangerous (ask any soap maker who has been burned) and may yield inconsistent results from the change in an ingredient to a change in temperature. Then finally there is the wait time. Depending on the process used, soapers can wait anywhere from a couple weeks until over a year for their product to cure and harden to the point where is fit for skin consumption.


Produces Natural Glycerin

Soap making naturally produces glycerin which draws moisture to the skin, however many commercial companies extract the glycerin as a by product, creating more of a detergent bar than a skin-loving bar. The natural glycerin produced in handmade soap is retained therefore giving the full benefits of the soap to your skin.


Avoids harmful additives

Most handmade soap makers avoid nasty additives that boost lather and other "qualities" that can usually be accomplished naturally. The basics of soap making include using a fat (like olive oil or shea butter) that creates soap when combined with sodium hydroxide and water. Many commercial soaps contain sulfates and other "boosters," some of which have been banned in Europe.


Supports small business

Handmade soap is not only good for your skin, it's good for your morale. Supporting handmade soap makers supports small businesses. While many soap makers will tell you soap making is an addictive, enjoyable craft, it can be quite expensive. In addition, some soap makers strive to use their passion to earn income so that they don't end up as a starving "artist." You are not only supporting the person and the craft, you are supporting their countless hours of perfecting a product in which you will have practical use. So what are you waiting for? Buy handmade soap by clicking here.


It makes for a practical gift

How often do seemingly thoughtful gifts go unused or even re-gifted? Why not give a practical gift that most people would not oppose using? With the holidays coming up you can delight someone with a handcrafted creation that you didn't have to make. So what are you waiting for? Buy handmade soap by clicking here.

The Body Buffet creates handmade artisan soap, shampoo, conditioners, spa bars, beard care, body wash and more for Baltimore, the DMV, and beyond. We have been creating conditioning skin-loving, hair-loving, since 2009. Visit our shop at Marquita Johl is the soaper-in-chief. She has been crafting soap for eleven years.

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