Self-Care Sunday: Seeking Out Beauty & The Importance of Vacation


Due to know fault of mine, I haven't had a vacation in six months because of my probation period. In addiction to that, the schedule of my job only allows for a couple of weeks of real weekends every three months. Sick days were permitted, but highly discouraged. The goal was to not give anyone any reason to terminate me before my probation period ended. Fortunately I took a week off before starting the new job, but I didn't go anywhere because I didn't realize I would have to work my evening job that same week.

It has literally been an entire year since I have been anywhere outside of the city for more than a day. In retrospect I realize how much it has taken it's toll on me. I have been less creative, and I have felt like a caged bird. I had become bitter about my surrounds, and it had put a damper on my relationships. A couple of days prior to leaving, my boyfriend even said I really needed to get away and that it would be a vacation for both of us.

And a last minute snafu in my car rental caused me to scream "I am getting out of this city if it is going to be on horseback." At that point I didn't care what the cost was. I was more concerned with my sanity. It wasn't even that I needed a break from work. I had been working hard, no more than usual. In fact my work was toward things that I was actually passionate about. It wasn't even coworkers. It was more so needed to take a break from routine, needing to see new and different things, needing to literally breathe different air.

Staying in the same place was stifling for me. While I had discovered great new places in the city, I was still in the city. Vacation affords me the opportunity to be in a different environment, and thus find different perspective, and the ability to reflect on my life and happiness, without being in the midst of it. I feel like vacation is a litmus test in rediscovering the things that really matter to you, and making sure those things are actual priorities. I already called my boyfriend and told him that we already need to schedule another mini vacation for June.

Vacation is also the opportunity to make vows of rest for the future. I have promised myself to make sure I get out of the city at least once every two weeks, even if it is just a half-hour away. One of the things that I have loved about living on the east coast, is that I have numerous opportunities to get to another state in an hour or less, and that I am surrounded with opportunities to see beauty. Admittedly Philadelphia is not the most beautiful city I've lived in, especially being from San Diego and after living in Coral Gables, Florida. The opportunities for beauty are sometimes few and far in between. Sometimes you have to look hard for it.

When is the last time you took a vacation? How do you seek beauty in everyday?


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