Salt Soap Spa Bars vs Salt/Sugar Scrubs: Five Reasons Why Salt Soap Bars are Better

A couple of months ago we discussed the differences between salt bars and regular soap. Recently someone pointed out that people aren't aware that salt soap bars can be used instead of salt/sugar scrubs. Personally I love salt soap bars over salt/sugar scrubs! These are five reasons why salt soap bars are better than salt/sugar scrubs:
  1. No messy use. Because the salt is already bar of the the soap bar, there is no need to get your hands dirty and there is no risk of causing water contamination in your salt/sugar scrub that can lead to mold or rancidity.
  2. No oil. While oil is definitely great for your skin, some people just hate the feeling of it sitting there, even when you attempt to rinse it off it still remains. Because salt bars are soap, there is no oily or greasy feeling left behind. Our bars include avocado oil with helps nourish the skin without the oily feeling.
  3. No need to clean your skin. The salt bar doubles as soap, so you simply rinse off your skin as you would with other soap. Salt/sugar scrubs require rinsing, leaving behind oil.
  4. Avoid slipping. I have used scrubs in the past and thought I would crack open my skull because the surface became so slippery. Because the oils in the salt bar have turned into soap, there is a less-likely near-death experience; that is unless you are a perpetually accident prone like I am.
  5. Gentle exfoliation. My skin is fairly sensitive so I need a more gentle scrub to avoid irritation. We make sure we crush our salt into a fine powers and even use a sifter to make sure no large chunks end up in our soap batter.

The Body Buffet creates handmade artisan soap, shampoo, conditioners, spa bars, beard care, body wash and more for Baltimore, the DMV, and beyond. We have been creating conditioning skin-loving, hair-loving, since 2009. Visit our shop at Marquita Johl is the soaper-in-chief and a self-care advocate. She has been crafting soap for eleven years.

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